The Power Of Purpose Driven Connections

The Gifts and Callings of God are without repentance and we are vessels of different graces and callings. However, we cannot achieve our purposes in life on a standalone basis, we need purpose driven connections who synchronizes with God’s mandate upon our lives.

I am talking about this group of connections who believe and support our visions not only when we have arrived at Canaan or the palace but most importantly, when we are in the wilderness or desert of our mandates and destinies. The fulfillment of your purpose and assignment on earth cannot be placed in autopilot mode, It demands personal works and commit plus the help of destiny connections of your purpose.

Every Jesus (a vessel of eternal significance beyond the grave) needs the support of An AnnaA John the BaptistA SimonA Joseph of Arimathaea, and A Pentecostal groups of connections respectively, in fulfilling his/her purpose and divine assignment on earth.

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Please, Do Stay Safe for your generation, and Let Love Lead your actions and activities in this Covid-19 Period and Beyond

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