Graced Mortal Ambassador


Hello Beloved, The Peace of the Lord God be with you. Amazing and privilege to have you here

Please, I am Nicholas Afram (Counselor_Nico ), a Disciple of Christ, Counselor & Mentor, and Finance Professional, who is zealous in partnership with the Lord Jesus Christ in establishing His kingdom in the 4 areas of human life : Intellectual & Academia, Health & Safety, Economic & financial, and last but not least, spiritual, in shaping and mentoring the destinies of humanity in responding to God’s assignment and purpose upon their lives on earth.

Behold Jesus Christ : The Embodiment of Grace

Kindly feel free to connect to share ideas and insights geared towards fulfilling the mandate of Gethsemane Haven: Arena of Destinies. Please, do subscribe to this mission, and also connect with me on other platforms below:

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