Peace be unto you, Brethren. We thank God for the gift of life and His faithfulness. I really appreciate your loyalty and support, and continue to plead for your massive cooperation.

Kindly follow the link below and search for my name, Nicholas Afram then support me by casting your votes using your email address as one of semi finalists in a Career Accelerator Program by Global Startup Ecosystem. Voting Ends this Friday, 23rd October, 2020


Please, you could also follow the link below, search for my name, Nicholas Afram in the Search box then cast your votes by using your email address. Voting Ends this Friday, 23rd October, 2020

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Thanks for your cooperation and support. Together we can make a difference and impart generations. God bless and keep you. Glory Be To God #UrVoteMatters #careerdevelopment

Covid19 Awareness Campaign

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Counselor and Mentor II Accounting & Finance Professional II Disciple of Christ II Purpose Driven Life Advocate II Digital World Enthusiast II

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