Surrendered Enough? Somehow— Ink & Binoculars

I surrender all to you, withholding nothing” is not just an emotional roller-coaster experience; it’s calling into deeper total dependence on God sake without God, this frail and wretched mortal man can do nothing. The Lord God is our Abba Father : the source and originator of all noble things in life. As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the Children of God.

Beloved, make a passionate and intentional decision in surrendering all to Jesus and to return to Your First Love. God loves you beyond measure

When we hear the song, “I surrender all”, what comes to mind?

Surrendered Enough? — Ink & Binoculars

Beloved of the Lord, Are you willing to give and yield your all to Jesus? Could you trust Jesus to steer the wheel of life affairs in this season? Could you trust Jesus Christ to keep you in His Future for you? You might be wondering and pondering what are all these questions about. Brethren, this is the Salvation Altar of Jesus Calling you to receive the greatest gift of God to humanity: Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ Alone You Must Be Born Again, not just be a church goer or servant in the vineyard without any personal intimacy with Jesus. You Must Know Jesus Christ Personally as a Mortal Man.

I have decided to follow Jesus Christ forever, what about you? When will you answer the Salvation Call of Jesus Christ? You can pick the call now, today. When Jesus Calls, Beloved, harden not thy heart. The Lord God God bless and keep you.

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