Through the Scriptures – Faith Under Fire

The entrance of thy word is light and brings understanding to the Simple. The Sincerity of our faith in God is refined through fire of sufferings, trials and temptation so that the character of Christ would be truly formed in us. Praise God through the pains and difficulties and it will turn around for your good. The Wilderness is also part of the Christian Faith not only Canaan.

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This is the kind of faith that make sense when life doesn’t make sense anymore. And we that all things, the good and bad, work together for those who love God and are called according to His Purpose. God still has us in mind irrespective of the challenges and trials we face in Babylon. The Lord God is still working for our best and we ought to have faith in Christ Alone in this perilous times.

Please, remember to place your faith in God for total protection from Covid-19 Pandemic and continue to observe the safety protocols and stay safe. The Shine will rise again and this too shall pass.

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