The Next Pandemic

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The Approach and response to Pandemic must and ought to be purpose driven in creating lasting solutions for humanity. There must be a strategic long term plan to address such issues including other problems of humanity.

This Strategic Response to Pandemic must harness the partnership of Spiritual and Social Approaches in coming out with holistic solution which is not driven by shorterism but eternal significance.

This Strategic Approach to Pandemic must employ the collaborative efforts of all men and also not neglecting the ancient paths of dealing with similar pandemic in the past ( drawing on ancient wisdom in curbing similar pandemic in past), for this is nothing new under the Sun.

This hasty generation must be willing to learn and be mentored by past experiences, knowledge and systems in creating relevant remedies to all issues of humanity.

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Thanks team members of Ink & Binoculars for inspiring humanity in this season. God bless and keep you. Heaven Remembers…

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If a pandemic were a person, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear infuriated fellow Ghanaians admonishing, “Let this be your first and last!” The pandemic would surely reply, “Impossible! This is not my first—in the first place—and it cannot be my last.” Most scientists believe COVID-19 may continue to be an unwelcome companion humanity would have to learn to walk with like we have done with HIV. While still, experts toil tirelessly in search of an antidote to the present predicament let us be reminded of the next pandemic which is hovering around waiting anxiously to strike.

I am almost certain about the origin of the next pandemic, and it has nothing to do with China or Africa. I will tell you where but for now forget about geography and let’s do a little history. You might have already learnt about some pandemics and how they devastated the world in…

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