Purpose of this Blog : Gethsemane Haven – Arena of Destinies


Hello Beloved, by the grace and mercies of God, I, Nicholas Afram, humbly welcome you to this blog dubbed ” Gethsemane: Arena of Destinies

The mission of this platform is birthed out of raising an end-time purpose driven army of professionals in various fields of life (4 areas of grace: Intellectual, Health&Safety, Economic&Financial, and last but not least, Spiritual) who are zealous to impart generations through a 4-Fold Christ Centered Counseling and mentoring.

I am very glad and privileged to share this moment of fellowship in the Lord with you in unearthing the destinies of humanity. Kindly stay connected by subscribing to this blog to receive updates on resources for its designated purpose. The Lord God bless and keep you

Finally, Beloved, Kindly limit the physical contacts and Offer Virtual Hugs. #StoptheSpreadandoffervirtualhugs

Published by Counselor_Nico

Counselor and Mentor II Accounting & Finance Professional II Disciple of Christ II Purpose Driven Life Advocate II Digital World Enthusiast II

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