Intimacy In The Secret Place : Arena of Destinies

Dear Beloved, Glad to welcome you to Gethsemane Haven: Arena of Destinies.

The Mission of this movement: Raising an end-time purpose driven army of professionals in various fields of life (4 areas of grace: Intellectual, Health & Safety, Economic & Financial, and last but not least, Spiritual) who are zealous to impart generations through a 4-Fold Christ Centered Counseling and Mentoring.


Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful stay in this Place of Grace Encounters for Unearthing Destinies of Humanity.

U are greatly cherished and loved by us but The Lord God, Your and Our Father, Loves you beyond Measure. Kindly, feel free to tour and explore marvelous experiences and encounters in the Secret Place of Destinies.

Hello, Beloved of the Lord, Kindly feel free to subscribe and Stay Connected. God bless you.

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2 thoughts on “Intimacy In The Secret Place : Arena of Destinies

  1. Hello family,
    Glory be to God for being inspired via Gethsemane blog.
    We are very grateful for your sincere feedbacks. We are looking forward to stay connected with everyone in advancing the mission of this blog page and advancing the Kingdom of God in and on earth. God bless and keep you all.


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